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Human Flood from the Third World: Is there a solution?

This article was first published in Blogcritics. Why the recent flood of migrants from the Third World to Western Europe was such a shock to media, public and politicians? After all, there had been warning voices predicting it. There had … Continue reading

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Niqab in Canada: Why it is an Issue?

Niqab is a black shapeless garment, which covers all woman’s body, including face. Usually it has a small slit for eyes, but some variety have opening only for one eye, or even hide both eyes by transparent material. It happened … Continue reading

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About Canadian Parties Election Platforms

Trudeau, the leader of Liberals, appeared in the party ad, telling the public that he had found the way to solve Canadian social and economic problems. In his vision it is rather simple: to increase taxes on the rich and … Continue reading

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Which Race is the Heaviest Burden on Welfare?

Any new release of government’s demographic and welfare statistics triggers heated debates of analytics, hose interpretation usually supports their ideological platform. But few, if any, made an attempt to scrutinize statistics for its validity, and then present the finding in … Continue reading

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