Discovery of dazzling talent: Ron Suchiu at Toronto Art Expo

Driven by casual interest, I went to Toronto Art Expo on April 19, 2012 in hope to find a good picture at affordable price, and spend a few hours in the world of art. At first, the exhibition impressed me less than years before. It was just a personal perception, I shall caution, since there were quite a few in the crowd who enjoyed the show and appreciated much more than I did the pictures which I failed to appreciate. But one booth caught my eye. In an instant I knew that in front of me were the works of outstanding talent. Surrealism, being dominant in the paintings, blended with some other elements of art culture, producing a gamma of colours, characters and hidden meanings, which are the signatures of great art.

            The artist gave me his business card and introduced himself: Ron Suchiu. During our brief talk he gave me wealth of information about characters in his pictures, what he wanted to express in his art, and who of the great artists in the past influenced his style.

            More out curiosity rather than practical considerations I asked him about prices. From my experience in the past I knew that I could not afford pictures that I like. This is the disadvantage of having a good intuition in recognizing a genuine art, and limited budget – a poor combination for an art connoisseur.

            Bingo! One picture was $28,000, and another was $150,000, the only consolation being that the price was negotiable. I hope that one day I will buy one of Ron’s works. In the meantime, good like to you, Ron.

It is worth visit his web site

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