Mosque at Ground Zero

            What is the purpose of building a mosque at Ground Zero? Why any other place is a big issue and not an acceptable compromise for Muslim leaders?

            Those who oppose the project ‘Cordoba’ do not dare to ask these simple, but not politically correct questions. Muslim’s advocates and the like-minded liberals will not give the straightforward answer anyway. The debate usually evolves around their few major arguments. One proclaims Islam is a peaceful religion which has nothing to do with the 9/11 terrorist attack. Therefore the law-abiding, peaceful majority of the faith has the right to build a mosque at any place they want. For good measure, American constitution safeguards the freedom of their choice. Sounds convincing. Is it true though?

            Where, and when have we seen a massive Muslim demonstration in the US condemning crimes of Muslim radicals? Where, in print or other media, Muslim leaders spoke against terrorist organizations such as Hamas, Hizballah, or al-Qaida? What about the project organizers; have they ever denounced the Sharia Law, or atrocities committed for the sake of Islam? The answer is NO to all of the above. However, there are numerous evidences to the contrary. Muslim demonstrations with hate slogans are abound in the US and Western Europe. The Imam, who initiates the project, is the proponent of Sharia Law. He is well known for his radical views. His followers obviously have the same mindset; otherwise there would be no congregation for the leader whose preaching is against their beliefs. If anything, we see a silent majority of Muslims and their leaders, sympathetic with radicals and their politics.

            Another argument is, that during the 9/11 terrorist act some Muslims were killed in the Twin Towers. Does it mean that the attack was against Muslims as well? Does it mean that the mosque at Ground Zero supposed to commemorate the lives of Muslims killed in the towers?

            It is nobody’s secret that the death of other Muslims means nothing for radical Islam. We do not have to go too far for examples. Hamas uses the so-called ‘Human Shield’ at the places from where they launch their rocket attacks against Israel. The more people killed by Israeli response, the better possibilities to present themselves as victims of aggression. The more their countrymen are killed, the stronger will media support their cause. What about the value of their folks’ life? Has it any place in their mentality? The answer is obvious.

            Unfortunately, Muslim’s brutality against their own is not of any interest to international community. Quite different story is when non-Muslims kill Muslims. Any such incidence, no matter how small, causes an orchestrated media outcry, or even an urgent session of the UN, with harsh resolutions and condemnations. Massacre, genocide or holocaust are the most commonly used words in language of some politicians, terrorist groups and Muslim advocates.    

            The opponents of mosque construction at Ground Zero make a point that it will offend feelings of 9/11 victim’s relatives. They politely avoid the true meaning of this ‘politically correct’ statement. Not only victim’s relatives, but the American population at large.

            What should we expect to happen if the opponents, instead of walking around the main issue, ask point-blank: ‘Why do you wish to build the mosque at Ground Zero?” The response will be, as we have heard many times before: ‘It is our constitutional right to build a mosque anywhere we like. We do not want to answer this question, or discuss it. Christians have the right to build churches anywhere they like, and no one would question their intentions. So do we.’

            Christians do not build churches at Auschwitz, Buchenwald, or Dachau. Christians do not glorify those who committed atrocities or shed blood. They do not call martyrs or saints terrorists who committed a crime in the name of God. No doubt that Christians would discuss their place of choice for building a church with anyone who wanted to do so.

            The truth is that the Ground Zero, one of the most sensitive places in America, was chosen for the mosque to commemorate and glorify the heroic deeds of terrorists and to demonstrate to the whole Muslim world the victory of radical Islam over the week spirit of American democracy. As a colourful flag, high in the sky, visible from all distant corners of the globe, the mosque will shine as a symbol of Muslim strength.

            If and when it is built, what good or bad shall we expect thereafter?

            Obviously American people’s feelings will be hurt; more Islamic extremists, encouraged by another victory of Islam in the heart of America, will join terrorist activity; the spirit of Muslim hostility will strengthen. But I expect some good out of it as well. This statement needs a short explanation.

            Assault of Islam on the Western World will never cease, as some history scientists claim. It will last centuries, or millenniums, until, the Islam leaders believe, the final victory is achieved. As a consequence, we will witness many other terrorist attacks and Muslim religious disturbances on the US soil and in the Western Europe. Each time these actions are successful, we will see a joyful gathering of the Ground zero congregation thanking Allah for his wisdom. Perhaps such celebrations will convince the liberal minded supporters of Islam, as well as the American population at large what mosque at Ground Zero really means.

            Alex Markman

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